Spring Turkey and Creek Bass

lovetoshrimplovetoshrimp Posts: 285 Deckhand
Had the pleasure of putting my father on his first Osceola turkey a couple weeks ago, and boy did he every have them on fire!!! En-route to where we had scouted a gobbler the night before, we heard a gobble erupt from the swamp swamp with over 1/4 mile to go to our spot. after hearing how fired up this tom was we decided to pursue him and set up in a little clearing just inside the wood line. Once setup we realized that it wasn't a single tom but several but after having a conversation back and forth with them for over an hour without being able to pull them from the swamp we decided to sneak to the swamps edge and setup there. When we got setup on the swamps edge we must have had at least 5 different gobblers going off in different directions in front of us and every time it seemed like they were coming in they closest gobbler would stop. This went on for nearly another 2 hours when all of a sudden BANG, my dads shotgun rang out and as i peak around the tree fall separating  my dad and I there flops my dads first Osceola turkey. There must have been 8 other birds that flew off and were coming in with this little guy but my dad was so excited after not hunting in almost 10 years and not being successful the last few year it was a long time coming for him. On the fishing side, I brought a collapsible rod with me to fish some of the creeks that I noticed massive bass crushing top water the day before and I got busted off twice by 2 monsters. 1 ate a mini rapala black/silver the other ripped my treble off a 5" craw fish lure I got as a kid. All i know is if I had some big shiners or something I would have slayed those bass back in those creeks....


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