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Top Sports-Fishing Product Inventor & Design Engineer is once again available!

SOSINVENTSOSINVENT Naples, Florida.Posts: 1 Greenhorn
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So Myself 'SOS' ex. Taco Metals (9yrs) & the original inventor of the '196' Taco Telescopic push-button Outrigger and the originator/inventor of the Taco 'Grand-Slam' Bolt in style 'GS' Top-Mounts plus 40+ other products over a 23yr career span (& 13 Patents) is once again available to create, ideally for a Large company some new & extremely competing products. Tigress/Eastern-Metals has now recently ended my relationship with them after I fully designed & engineered a new Outrigger, Top Mount, Center rigger mount and a Small mount. My Vast engineering skillset, experience, including US/China manufacturing contacts can only be appreciated by reviewing my resume and discussing in length of how I could be a great asset in the future to interested parties! sincerely 'SOS' [email protected]
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