No mahi but nice pompano

Left inlet at 0500 to beautiful seas, just a slow gentle swell.
 Arrived east of the drydock around sunrise, the water temp was already 74. Put out a trolling spread and headed east towards the ledge. No flying fish, rips, hardly any weeds, or other signs of life. Trolled the 8 miles to the ledge without a sniff. Reports on the radio were equally depressing out to 1000 feet. Put away the trolling gear and started bottom fishing. Started at the ledge and picked up a nice trigger on the first drop, then nothing but short b-liners. Hit another 4 ledges and broken bottom working my way in shore. None of my spots producing any keeper fish, all small fish and grunts. Had a teenager onboard, and he was getting bored with the bottom fishing. Decided to run over to the dry dock to have him pull on some AJ's or big sharks. We caught a huge b-liner on the first drop and 2 small kings on the speed jig. When the second king came to the boat it was followed by 6 big dusky sharks that were all excited swimming around the boat. About 20 barracuda took up residence under the boat. Teenager wanted to catch a shark so we got him hooked up to one of the duskys with a grunt. Hooked a few more fish on the speed jigs to have them immeadiately eaten by sharks. Teenager was recovered from his shark catching and wanted to catch a cuda. Freelined a pinfish and it was eaten by a huge cuda about 4 feet long. It was so big it could barely get out of the water when it jumped. Saw two big swirls out by the cuda where a big shark devoured it in two bites. We broke off the shark and decided to move to the up current side of the wreck to get away from the sharks. Since we caught a few small kings on the jigs, we decided first to troll some plugs around the wreck to maybe pick up a big king or wahoo lurking around the wreck. Made 6 passes around the wreck with no hits. Stopped to reel in the plug and the plug was hit. Big long run on the 50 wide made me think maybe a wahoo or nice king. Saw a big flash of silver when we saw color and was suprised to see big african pompano.


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