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George Crady Pier Tips? Amelia Island Fishing?

jkinney18jkinney18 Posts: 47 Greenhorn
The family and I will be heading over to Amelia Island in a couple weeks. I want to take the kids fishing while there. Figured we would give the bridge/pier a shot. Any advice on catching trout or reds from the bridge? Bait, Rigs, ext..? 
Also I'm juggling the thought of possibly doing a half day charter. Any suggestions? Thanks! 


  • MuskiemanNCMuskiemanNC Posts: 134 Deckhand
    I would bring a pier net in case you catch a sizeable fish.

    Plenty of sail cats liking shrimp or squid for the kids.

  • TrevfishinTrevfishin In my mind I'm in my kayak fishing, unfortunately physically I'm at work :(Posts: 730 Officer
    Do a search on here for the George Crady bridge. Can’t remember the members screen name, but he’s referred to as the mayor. He knows the bridge quite well and posts some pretty detailed reports. 
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