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 I started a fight with LCWA and St Johns after hurricane irma to stop the sediment and toxins out of lake Apopka still flowing through the Apopka Beauclaire
canal and out into Lake Beauclaire and the HARRIS CHAIN.THIS WAS 18 MONTHS AGO. THE HARRIS RESTORATION COUNCil is workng with me as well as the chairman of the board of St Johns. We Are close to having Sean Parks, the county commissioner looking at a county Wide maintennce program to benefit all the Harris Chain. As you know numbers matter. My neighborhood of Venetian Village is located on the Apopka Beauclaire canal and is one of the favorite canals to bass fish and the crappie fishing used to be fabulous.( the golf course canal). After the hurricanes that canal was filled for the 2nd time full of muck out of lake apopka.Only because the water levels have been kept higher has the fisherman have been able to get in it,, but the levels have been lowered now and access is limited. I live the 6th house from the AB canal with the suntracker pontoon in the hoist and know most of the fisherman as i have been here for 26 years.
I would like for everyone to join my LAKE JEM CLEAN WATER PROJECT on Facebook. Fisherman can then see what has been done--THE FIGHT- what is happening daily. I think this should be of interest to all members and having a huge maintenance program on the harris chain would be of never ending benefit to all This is not a dream it is being discussed at present. 

Linda Moss
Venetian Village
Apoka  Beauclaire Canal
Tavares Fl


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    I welcome all questions

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    Where would Lake Apopka drain to? Depending on water levels its got to go somewhere. Every time I have been in the canal when it is flowing the water is crystal clear. They filter it in all the swamps on its way up.  You rreal problem is all the neighborhood and developments. All that weedNfeed to keep the grass green. Not to mention the septic tanks leaking. Thats where you should start if you want to clean the water up
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