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So I just got a kayak for fishing and I was wondering what good places you all recommend. I know Mill Cove is good but are there any good spots for kayak anglers. Thanks


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    Go to http://jaxkayakfishing.com/.  The site has died out a little but at the top, go to "fishing spots" and also if you search the forum, you can find about 14 years of posts on different topics. 
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    Oak Harbor is very kayak friendly
    this is where I launch 99% of the time, garden creek is easy to access with little (if any) boat traffic
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    Launch at sisters creek boat ramp and head north. Turn left at second creek and explore your way through the creeks. If you get lost, look for the cranes at the BAE shipyard. Head towards them to get back to the ramp. I like low tide the best. That way you can see the red fish swimming with their backs out of the water. If you see one working down the bank, throw a soft plastic up on the bank and slide it off in front of the fish as it gets close. They will normally hit it every time. My butt would get sore sitting in the kayak after an hour. Started using one of those inflatable donuts you get at cvs to sit on. Worked good and keeps your butt dryer when you get some water in the seat of the kayak. 
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    The thing I didn't like at mill cove, is if you go at low tide, the oysters are not in big beds like at sisters creek. They are spread out in little clusters. So as you are kayaking, you keep running into the little clusters of oysters and gouging up your kayak. At least in the section I was fishing in.
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