9 miles out.

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Made it 9 miles out today with shrimp and squid. I think I caught everything today. Porgies, ring tail, sheep heads, black drum, croaker, grunts, and even snapper. It was ruff out there today but it was nonstop fishing. The bait of choice was shrimp. Squid did not do very well. And all the bait shops on Heckscher where out of fiddlers.  I did learn a lot today considering this was my 2nd trip past the jetties on my boat. First I see why bluewater, contender, regulators cost so much. I would have never considered going past the jetties in my old boat. Next the fish finder does not lie. If your not marking fish don’t drop a line. Pull up anchor and reposition. Have several baits. And more then you think you need. If they are hitting your going to go through some. Also have several different kinda hooks. I was losing bait. Switched hooks and started to pull ring tail. Then the drum showed up. But I did not have an other rod rigged up so I kept fishing with the smaller hooks. And I lost a real nice one at the side of the boat. Next if your marking fish sit for a while. Something will soon happen. It was funny I would catch the different fish in waves. So next time I am going to have more bait. And rods hooked up with small hooks and bigger ones. Thanks for all you guys share. 


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    Good report and way to tough it out.  Going out this morning to target some blues/macs near the inlet. Don’t have time to run too far.  I’ve been learning a lot of the same lessons- I may just be harder headed than you.   
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    po28der said:
     Next the fish finder does not lie. If your not marking fish don’t drop a line. Pull up anchor and reposition. 
    It's not about the fish you mark, it's about the bottom you mark. If you're over good bottom, and not marking fish, still drop a line. Years ago, when I was an avid bottom fisherman, I dropped baits on "fishless" spots, and had some amazing days.

    Anyway, nice post, and sounds like a fun day!
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    You're on the learning curve..........pretty soon you'll be targetting only one kind and smashing it !!

    Keep it up. !!....making lemonade out of lemons.
  • LMKLMK Posts: 570 Officer
    Good report!! Thank you
  • po28derpo28der Posts: 250 Deckhand
    The sheep where not tournament winning sheep but they where a good 15-18 inches. 
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    Having multiple rod/reels prerigged b/f the trip saves tons of time when the bite goes off....Plus make some of them different...bigger or smaller weights, bigger or smaller hooks..smaller leader diameter...adapt to the situation....Great start and keep it up!!!
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    good job, glad you had some success with a mixed bag!
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    nice work and now your having reel fun!!  learning what works on your own is the best satisfaction of all.. love to hear when you find em!
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    Good job and great learning day. Nice report.
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
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