Trout Mania Continues

21 March 2019…Wabasso/Vero...Excuses Du Jour...Full moon, high water, water really dirty and wrong tide.  Managed 10 slot Trout, one overslot and a menagere of characters.  First fish of the day, a Blue at Pine Island.  Not much on the edge, couple of short Snook and Snapper.  In the cut, finally, a break.  A trout just over slot on the Baby Vudu Shrimp.  Worked the area hard, not much more action, a 12 inch Snapper was the next character.  Shifted to Hobart Landing Island.  Pair of Jacks and a pair of Snapper, working on a full house.  Filled it in with a third Snapper.  Hit 4 more Snapper before I decided to leave.  Hole In The Wall gave up a pair of Slot Trout as did North Sister.  Sister Bar, cast up to the Mangroves, 12 inches of water at the most.  20 inch Snook.  Estuary, Johns Island and Vero.  More slot Trout.  Surprise player, a Little Ugly.  Off to search for a Red and the third leg of the FWC Family Slam.  Not happening today.  Top slot Trout continue to be the best target.  Took several on a Glow Egret Bayou Chub Minnow under a popping cork.   Stop at the Hobart Flat on the way home, big Ladies and Slot Trout were playing.  Meanwhile, back at the ramp, trailer tight to one side and tourist car parked tight on the other,.  Made it out of spot with inches to spare.  All players released for future encounters.


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