For Sale: brand new custom cover - Egret Moccasin 210

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Bought a new house - don't need the new cover I spent a bunch of $$$$ on 

I had GDS Canvas in Ft Lauderdale make a new Sunbrella custom cover for my Egret Moccasin 210 a few months ago (Nov-Dec 2018) with the following guidance:
- "no gel coat should be visible anywhere. I don't want to be able to tell what color the boat is"
- "HD wear protection at all friction points"
- "make the best cover you can - cost is no object"

2 weeks later I have $2300 cover that fits like a glove with:
- 4 vents 
- 2 aluminum support poles + custom PVC ones I made that stick in the leaning post rod holders and console rod holders so it never touches the console or leaning post.  Egret's cover would leave rub marks on my powder coat and rub the powder coat off the tips of of my rod holders, and leave marks on the corner of my console.  This new cover leaves no marks anywhere.
- velcro closure around the keel from the the tip of the bow all the way underneath until half way down the bottom of the boat.
- HD vinyl backing surrounds the trolling motor, leaning post and console. Twice as thick as the factory's vinyl.
- soft felt backing for the motor
- storage bag

The sunbrella fabric (color is "slate") has a 10-year warranty

My boat has a 8' Power Pole Blade on the starboard side of the transom and one of Frank's swim platforms on the left.  It was made to fit those but if you don't have them it would still work.

The cover is absolutely brand new condition and the only reason I'm selling it is that shortly after buying it, I bought a house with a garage large enough for the boat and thus no longer need it.  I'd like to recoup some of my money as it's sitting on a shelf right now.

I can send pictures if you're seriously interested.  

Price: $1800

This is a much, much better cover than the one Frank sells.  If you buy it, I'll throw in the one Frank sold me for free!


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    I am interested. Could you contact me at 813-557-4867
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    Rocco does great work. Tip of the hat to GDS.

    A craftsman.

    Renagade69 wrote: »
    Either you are mechanically inclined ore your not. The fact you had to ask told me that you can not do it. Its ok, not every one has this ability. Some people just have to pay.
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    apitch47 said:
    I am interested. Could you contact me at 813-557-4867
    I just saw the post, I'll call you today.
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