Boat wont get on plane! Need help!

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I bought a used 1990 14 ft fiberglass bomber bass boat, and I'm having problems getting on plane. The outboard is a 1989 35 hp mercury. After I bought it I noticed they didn't have a thrust washer and it has tore the prop and gear housing up. I have purchased a thrust washer and new prop I haven't put it in the water yet after the new prop, but do you think I'm having problems because of the gear housing being tore up?


  • redredredredredred Clewiston Posts: 108 Deckhand
    Please post update soon as you take for test run. Having issues with boat myself 
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    I don't think that will cause you too much problems but, dang, how the heck do people do stuff like that?
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  • Gary SGary S Posts: 1,423 Officer
    No that won't do it. How far below the boat does your lower unit hang? cavitation plate should be even or a little higher than the bottom of the boat. 
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    Are you sure the new to you boat is not water logged? it happens
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    Did the previous owner replace the original prop with one with too much pitch? If that was the case, if you bought a new prop with the same pitch, the problem will remain.


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    I had that happen on a 175 merc. lost prop (long story) while running...carried a spare but never thought about thrust washer and nut...always thought might damage a blade but not lose the whole thing...anyway put spare on, put 8 guage wire around shaft...idled in about 3 miles to ramp, prop did that damage to the bullet...went out and it wouldn't plane off because exhaust escaping thru gap was blowing all air around prop no water. Prop shop in Ftl. had a plastic flange that fixed it...covered the gap...
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    surfman said:
    I don't think that will cause you too much problems but, dang, how the heck do people do stuff like that?
    I have been on a boat it was done to.
    Hold on to your bucket lid it was a 36' boat with 3 outboards and the shop flunky that most likely thinks he deserves $15 ph left one of the thrust washers off. We made it 29 miles offshore loaded for YFT before the prop spun then turned around and went home on 2.

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