Trout Staying Steady

13 March 2019…Wabasso/Vero...Top slot Trout continue to be the best target.  They were active on just about every flat.  Took several on the Matrix Shad under a popping cork.  Getting pretty good with the rig.  Had 2 monster hits on the cork itself.  Lady fish really hit hard, had a big one jump off, second one did not jump, just under 3 #.  One big Sail Cat gave me fits, foul hooked in front of a fin.  No sign of Reds today.  Barely legal Sheepie at Hole In The Wall on a Baby Vudu Shrimp.  They are starting to come back from their annual vacation, missed a pair in the Mangroves.  Pulled one that was over 2 # from under a dock.  Again the Baby Vudu was working.  Found more high slot Trout on the deep drops off of the Mangroves.  Totaled 12 slot Trout for the day.  Lost one big girl, she hit right at the boat, no room to play, pulled the hook.  Only had 2 Snook.  Jacks were the next in numbers.  Hit one run of Mangroves, one in just about every pocket.  All players released for future encounters.


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