Sweetings Cay

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Anyone ever spent any time at Sweetings Cay on Grand Bahama?  A friend suggested we check it out as a off the beaten path place for a few days with the family.  We have done lucaya several times by boat, just never gone as far east as Sweetings.  I know its remote, but any thoughts on spending family time there?  Any decent tuna in the area at the beginning of the summer?
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    A lot of skinny water in that area. I believe the only accommodations are a bonefish lodge.
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    pm me for rental info.
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    i went there a few years ago.  Frtiz Thompson owns the lodge there (look him up on facebook). one of the nicest guys i've ever met in the bahamas.   his place is great. loved it.  there is some skinny water getting in and out.  ok for outboards that draw two to three feet, not so much for bigger boats.  LMK if you need any information, although i am rarely on here anymore since blair destroyed this forum!

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    Thanks Alacrity.  My friend gave me Fritz number and said to stay with him and that he was the best cook ever.  So I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed his place as well.  I am concerned getting my 37" intrepid in and out of the inlet though.... I'm right at that 2-3' window... I sent him a text yesterday but never heard back.  I'll look him up on facebook but if you happen to come across his email will you PM it to me.
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    I have been and stayed there a few times.  The other lodging option are the Bellot family cottages (look up Sweetings Cay Cottages on Facebook).  The entrance to the creek is a series of unmarked, shifting sand bars.  I would not want to do it in a 37' boat at low tide if its cloudy.  It is an amazing place to visit though.  The water is very pretty out east.
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