Lures for pompano

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I like surf fishing but I have a hard time sitting still. I like taking my inshore rods and attacking the beaches like im fishing the flats...walking. I will walk for miles just casting and casting and casting. I would like some good lure reccommendations for pompano. Ive caught reds and snook and whiting off the beach on lures but never caught a pompano on a lure. What lures do yall reccommend?
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  • FlatsMatt96FlatsMatt96 ChuluotaPosts: 1,206 Officer
    Reel Teal said:
    Pompano jigs
    I have a hard time casting far with those. I know pompano dont have big mouths. Is there a size I should throw or is there a certain one you like?
    If youre going to burn a bridge, dont just burn it, use C4 and make a statement. 
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    Docs goofy jig.  Pink or yellow.  Walmart sells a knockoff made by Gulfstream lures.  
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    go with 3/8 oz and get the ones with the little "teaser" tied on the swinging hook on the front or a couple inches up the line.
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    DOA shrimp and cal jigs will get you a bite buddy. 
  • FlatsMatt96FlatsMatt96 ChuluotaPosts: 1,206 Officer
    I threw a standard pompano bucktail jig and I got thumped 3 times but for some reason couldnt get the hook set at all.
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    I saw a homeless guy tear up the Pompano once near the Blue Heron Blvd bridge in Riviera Beach. He tied two white bucktails on a tandem rig and worked the rod where they were bouncing up and down like a choreographed dance. He would catch the Pompano and then go and hold them up by the bridge and sell them to the commuters, get money, buy alcohol and repeat as needed. He also nailed Spanish Mackerel using a piece of broom stick about 3"-4" long with eye screws in it as a popper. Behind that a few feet he had a small spoon. The stick carried enough weight to cast and would cause commotion and the Macs would hit the spoon. We were up there fishing a tournament out of Sailfish Marina and this guy sure got my attention as you don't need a lot of fancy stuff if you know what you are doing.

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  • snipes27snipes27 Posts: 103 Deckhand
    3-3/4" Monster 3x - X-Move Shrimp.. Gold is my go-to color... works pretty well.. Jerky retrieves seem to work best. 
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    Tossing small pompano jigs in the surf has always felt really weird to me. If there's any breeze or wave action whatsoever, it just feels like a fruitless endeavor, and hard to get put the jig where I want it.
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    The Goofy Jigs work.
  • cknowles673cknowles673 MississippiPosts: 34 Greenhorn
    Try the pink Bomber Nylures. It's good for bouncing right off the surf line or across sand bars. 
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