the "mudhole"

anyone willing to help me out on this. a friend told me to give it a try. Its called the "mudhole". thanks Joe


  • snookcatcher1snookcatcher1 Posts: 256 Officer
    Uuuummm - could you be more specific? Is the "mudhole" a fishing location your buddy has found? A kind of bait? A place to buy tackle? A good place to take a slam after eating at Taco Bell?
  • alloutallout Posts: 197 Deckhand
    lol its a spring offshore all I was told. "fishing spot"
  • snookcatcher1snookcatcher1 Posts: 256 Officer
    I'm mostly an inshore guy. Not familiar. Sorry.
  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,356 Admiral
    the Mud hole is a spring about 8-10 miles offshore of bonita springs. 26.11.927n 82.00.359w. ( those numbers are off a chart, you will have to motor around it for a while ot find it.) Not much of a spring untill a tropical storm sits off of SW Florida for a few days. fished a few years a go no good for me. Divers hit it pretty hard, but good luck. let us know how you do
  • brew242003brew242003 Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    You will find it on Google Map on the east side of Pine Island south of Matlacha. I have not been there that I can recall but noticed the name from this thread.
  • alloutallout Posts: 197 Deckhand
    thanks guys. I will def post up results when I get out there
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