Ponce 3/2

Ran out to 100ft put lines in with bait everywhere went 1-3 on sailfish. Found a weed line in 300 with a big temp change, ended up pulling 7 gaffers off it up to 25#. ‘‘Tis the season. Tight lines y’all 


  • hunterjwhunterjw Posts: 355 Deckhand
    Nice!! Great job!
    Long ways in a little boat but i bet the fuel bill is a lot better than everyone elses! 
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  • Flounderman3Flounderman3 Posts: 50 Greenhorn
    Who needs a big boat😎 Great job fellas
  • chronicbreakchronicbreak Posts: 714 Officer
    Doin work!
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  • flbeachesflbeaches Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Nice haul!   Looking to get offshore soon.  What do you guys charge ?
  • Tony RomaTony Roma Posts: 414 Deckhand
    Dude!! I see a 115 Yamaha on a 19 ft bay boat? You boys got some guts, and it sure as hell payed off. Nice job.
  • Jake386Jake386 Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    19 hydra sport, don’t make them like they use too. 
  • ShoNuffNoahShoNuffNoah Edgewater, FLPosts: 74 Greenhorn
    Hell yeah!
  • Jake386Jake386 Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Around 30 miles
  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 9,657 Admiral
    Who needs a big boat😎 Great job fellas
    not sure how they fit their gear and their oversized juevos in that thing
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  • Jake386Jake386 Posts: 23 Greenhorn
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    Getting it done in a small boat is so much sweeter, and we were all in at $150, it was flat all day. I have a few boats we fish in. That 19 hydra with the Yamaha F115 is always ready to get the call to ride out. 
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