Do I need a Turkey Permit to tag along?

quatinquatin Posts: 596 Officer
I want to tag along with a buddy on a turkey hunt just to see how it's done and take some pictures. Do I need a Turkey permit in case I get checked? I'm not going to bring a gun, but we'll be sharing a blind and my buddy will have a shotgun. Technically I feel like I don't need one, but will I look shady to FWC?


  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 5,204 Admiral
    Private land or WMA, If it is a WMA then I think you will need a WMA permit. As long as you do not have a gun, I think that is all you need.
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  • WildManWildMan Posts: 34 Greenhorn
    As long as you are just observing and not actively engaged in the take of a turkey (e.g., calling, setting up decoys, holding the gun, etc.) you would not need a turkey permit.
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