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All journeys start with a first step. So, After a pretty darn good duck season I have been transitioning back into fishing. My first "trip" was a short shake down two weeks back. Short because my trolling motor was dead. I did manage a few trout and a blue just drifting over a few spots.
I put my new spare troller on and went the next day...toured spots I had fished in November...caught a few Trout and sdid get a Pompano to eat...and saw Reds who would not take plastic. I headed back the next afternoon with shrimp and ...


I caught two more there but had too many people around to be posing for pictures. It was too late in the day to run south for snook so I tried spots by Sebastian but no luck. 

My rental home tenant and seasonal fishing buddy has accompanied me most mornings.
David likes "action" so it has been the normal collection of Trout plus jacks ladies and blues. Some days it is 40 or 50 fish in a 3 hour morning....sometimes it is only a dozen or so...The weather is very odd for February so it's been a little hard to dial in every day...the fish seem to be on the move.
So, Last Friday David is set to fish with some other buddy of his and that allowed me the ability to play the "slam" game....As in the fall I went after trout first..which was relatively simple....and as pure luck would have it...got this guy at 8:30


So, I had time to run south where I felt a snook could be had.   I saw some holy cow sized fat girls...lounging in the sun...but not eating. Hours went by till I was ready to admit defeat....but at a last resort spot...


Yes...it is small....Yes...It's a snook and that's what counts. The count begins....but it is a long way back to 136.

Look what I got today...I cannot even tell you the year I last caught one of these  ...  

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    Quite a few big Snook camping in the Mangroves.  Got one of those ugly creatures 2 weeks ago.
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    I am a little surprised the snook bite is so slow lately. Maybe the quick rise in water temp has them screwed up. I would have guessed they would be a lot more active with warmer water.
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    Wow Joe,,,I just realized I better say this right now because I know it will be all over in a weeks time,,,I have 5 times as many slams as you this year!!!   You better pick it up man!  Just had to say that while I could.  Good to hear that your back at it.  See ya out there.
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    It's old age its finally catching up to you... : :p all kidding aside you know we all love to fish as much as you do.. its still early and i'm sure you will get your numbers up in no time..
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    You are the man! The other day I thought I was going to get one but couldn't for the life of me find a trout. I caught 2 bull reds immediately after I got to my spot and then caught a flounder. So I switched up a bit looking for a trout, and only managed 2 more bull reds. 1 at just over 40", but I would have traded that for a 15" trout.

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