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mikenavmikenav Posts: 861 Officer
Miami Boat Show is over and there is some pretty cool stuff coming out soon. One of the most frequent questions I got was about the Navionics app. There is a new version and it has some new features, namely the integration of Garmin's ActiveCaptain. You will see a bunch of ActiveCaptain icons with a whole bunch more information. 

There is also the ability now to delete routes, markers, etc from your archive. One guy I spoke to had a bunch of markers saved froma trip he took to the Keys, but wasn't planning on going back. We got them all deleted in about 5 minutes. Go to MENU>ROUTES, TRACKS, MARKERS>SELECT. This should allow you delete all or some of your archived items and clean up a little space. 

If you recently received a "Trial Expired" message, that bug is fixed and your charts and subscription are fine. 

Just some questions I fielded all weekend. Hopefully this helps.  
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