Yellowtail Snapper Drift Jigs (50) for $15 and FREE SHIPPING.

I have around 30,000 of these jigs in 5 different colors (Red, White, Pink, Chartreuse, and Glow) and in three different weights (1/8oz, 1/16oz, and 1/32oz). They are packaged in bags of (50). The 1/16oz and 1/32oz are $15. The 1/8oz are $16. I also offer a mixed pack which includes all 3 weights in one bag (same color only) for $18. Glow is an additional $1.

These are extremely heavy duty hooks made with Mustad 7766D (Duratin) Tarpon hooks. (No more losing the big ones that hit your small baits because of cheap wire hooks).

I am located in Key West and ship via USPS same or next business day and provide tracking number.

***NOW AVAILABLE IN KEY WEST*** Esky Rods - 920B Kennedy Drive in the Key Plaza Shopping Center.

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