MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 6,766 Admiral
Playing around with my uncle's T1i, trying to get a feel for whether I like this photography stuff enough to start throwing $$ at it.
I've learned enough to know the $ should be in the glass, not the body.   But any recommendations as to whether I should keep the old body and add lenses, or upgrade to a new body (with better AF, ISO, etc).  I get that the gains in MP/sensor is not the most important thing, seems the 15.X MP sensor from 9 yrs ago is still plenty sharp/detailed...  what other things should I look for...?


  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,125 AG
    No need to buy new unless you want the latest/greatest. Almost all my cameras and lenses were bought used off eBay.

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  • JWTJWT Posts: 488 Deckhand
    It is a very capable camera. upgrading would be a call as to whether the features on the newer bodies would be worth the money to you. a lot depends on what you plan to shoot. 
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