Went out Rabbit key pass from Choko fairly early, tried some new deep cuts on the outside. Silver trout were everywhere, but on the smaller side. Also some sea trout. Jigs and cut bait worked best. Sharks were a real problem, had a number of them slam our rigs and tear up our tackle. Moved to another tried and true deep cut and got into nice size silvers as usual and a couple spotted. Went to a deep hole not in a pass at low tide, had a number of spotteds, sail cats, and a couple chunky sand perch. Fished an oyster point on the way back after lunch with the incoming, nothing doing. Water temp on the outside 76 deg. Another day in paradise, had fish for supper and for the neighbor whose boat is in repair.


  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 1,042 Officer
    Your getting out a bunch...Enjoy!!
    Jason :USA
  • hodag_guyhodag_guy Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    1outlaw said:
    Your getting out a bunch...Enjoy!!
    Thanks outlaw! Gotta love it in the 10K, especially when back home there's almost 2 ft of snow on the ground and a bunch more falling today.
  • mlangemlange Posts: 66 Greenhorn
    Sitting in the snow fighting ice dams on the roof. Not sure if it helps reading this but it sounds fun.
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