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Good morning folks


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    Good morning 
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    Good morning. Where is everybody on this foggy morn?

    ." why would someone want to be a moderator in the first place?"

    "There is no compensation for that task other than the satisfaction one might get from being an ***."


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    Good morning. My wonderful granddaughter gave me the day care crud by coughing/sneezing directly in my face. This one hurts.
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    Morning. Headed to Mayretta later this morning for a conference.  There til Wednesday afternoon at 4:45 (stupid time to end a conference in North Atlanta) when I get to head home.
    Proverbs 13:3
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    Good morning ...

    Rainy in St. Louis ... beats the heck out of the ice.

    Not much has changed so far this year ... "malaise" is our reality.

    The mayor is a figurehead pawn of the old Democratic machine.

    A billionaire wants to impose a city/county merger via state wide ballot.

    There will be no election to determine if the city-owned airport is privatized.

    The legislature wants to evade a constitutional change that passed overwhelmingly.

    The city Democrats are corrupt, the Republican legislators are corrupt and stupid.

    There's been no real change in the situation for decades.

    So, ... good morning!
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    Common Sense can't be bought, taught or gifted, yet it is one of the few things in life that is free, and most refuse to even attempt to possess it. - Miguel Cervantes
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