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2016 Moccasin Questions

iraz58iraz58 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
I have a '16 Moccasin in Matlacha, Florida.  Finding is difficult to traverse skinny water (12-15in) to get to good fishing spots.  I have friends that have no trouble navigating this depth with larger Pathfinders/Shearwaters with a Jack Plate.  Has anyone put a Jack Plate on their Moccasin?  Any reason not to consider this?

The flappers on my "self-bailing" scuppers do not move freely and will impede water flow from the cockpit. When I wash the boat I need to open them manually so the water drains.  They obviously need some maintenance but would like some advice.  Do these need to be changed out every few years?  What type of lubrication are other owners using?

Lastly, what product will clean my white rub rail?  My boat looks great except for this eyesore!  Was really nice when new but now it's a mess!  Mildew, scuffs,...  Need some advice please?   Thank you.


  • silverdreamssilverdreams Posts: 235 Deckhand
    Acetone will clean the rub rail.
  • FlatsBoyFlatsBoy Posts: 1,392 Officer
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    Acetone with white paper towels lots of them. You'll go thru a whole roll. Fold paper towel in fours and wet with acetone then wipe rub rail in small section.Once the paper towel starts to stick get new paper towel repeat!
  • TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 556 Officer
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    I had a pair of scupper flaps do that.  You're best bet is to order new ones.  They are less than $10 and require replacing every year.  I'm on my 3rd set, two sets were great, 1 set wouldn't work right.  

    Magic Erasers also work on the white rub rail but it's a never ending battle.

    As far as the jack plate, everyone told me not to so I haven't.  I was waiting for someone else to be the guinea pig.
  • iraz58iraz58 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Thank you for the advice.  I will give the acetone a try for the rub rail.  Magic Erasers didn't do a great job for me.

    Any local source for the scupper flaps?  Or just call Frank and order some from the factory?

    As for the Jack Plate - I discussed it with Frank when I purchased the boat but he said I wouldn't need it.  I may be the guinea pig on this one.  I'll let you know.  Let's see if anyone else chimes in on this topic.    Thank you. 
  • TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 556 Officer
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    Frank sent me my first flapper replacements and they worked.  I ordered some other on Amazon and they worked too.  Then I ordered some from Gemlux and those are the ones not working right.  I haven't said anything to Gemlux but their service is great.
  • TXWahooTXWahoo Posts: 556 Officer
    I'd like to see how a Bob's "Standard Jac" with either 4" or 6" setback works out.  They weigh 38 and 40 lbs.
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