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Chazzowhitzka 2-9-19

Headed out Chazz on Saturday after not going fishing for about three months. On the water by 0700 and had a nice run out with a nearly high tide but still took it easy as we were in a 20ft lowe bay boat and I had not been out there in about 5 years. Caught a nice 21 in red within the first half hour on the backside of a mangrove island. It was tough going battling the wind. Worked around the mangrove/oyster island with no further luck then got stuck on an oyster bar for about 20 minutes until we finally were able to push the boat off. I knew if we did not get the boat off we would have been screwed as the tide was not at its lowest until 4pm and it was only 1030. Started making our way in around 2 and stopped by some oyster bars and caught a 17in trout to take home too. Headed in right around dead low tide and made for a very slow interesting ride back to the ramp up the river. Only caught three fish total but at least got the keep two for the grill.


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