Costa Rica trip report 1-2019

pjepje Orlando , FlPosts: 725 Officer
We flew into Liberia from SJ to meet up with Melvin and the guys at Marina Papagayo . They had just come into CR after a 16 day trip from Cabo . They got beat up pretty good crossing the Gulf of Tehuantepec , it's usually a rough crossing with all of the wind ripping through there . We had originally planned on fishing out of Guatemala , then fishing our way back to CR , but the fishing was slow there around that time so we met them here . Everyone was happy to be back in CR again , we had dinner at the marina , and got ready to head to Quepos in the AM .

We headed out in the AM and ran for a while before stopping to put lines out . We worked our way south and released 6 sails and got a bunch of dorado . Pulled lines in early and ran the remaining 50 miles to Quepos . It sure felt good to be back there after 5 months . The guys took a couple days off after being away for so long . We went and did some tourist stuff that we normally don't do . Went up to Manuel Antonio , checked out a waterfall south of town , walked into town for dinner etc . Was nice to leave the marina for a change . 

Mon 1-28-19

We got a late start after doing paperwork and renewing our fishing licenses . Missed the morning bite , and kept going past the fleet . Saw a pod of Pilot Whales . Decided to spend the night out by Furuno bank on the chute . Got 1 sail , 0/1 blue marlin and a couple dorado . 

Tue 1-29-19

Got into the YFT first thing in the AM , lot's of smaller ones though . Went 2/4 sails , 0/1 on blue marlin and a couple dorado . Fishing was kinda slow so we called it early and headed back in . 

Had a good time and was great to be back in CR again . Can't wait to go back next month .


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