BBI 2/4 Solo Not bad day + video

copperzcopperz Posts: 103 Deckhand
Started around 7am weather was perfect. Forecast called for seas 1ft or so.
 As I got out of the inlet it all changed within 30 minutes. Wind out of the northwest and waves picked up. Trolling was rough and a lot of scattered weed nearshore. 
Went to reefs by the Marti glass. Picked up a bunch of different species most are not in the video. Nothing worth keeping but had a good time still though. Saw a kayaker catch a sail.  
Went back home by 11.
Link to video


  • justintimejustintime Posts: 52 Greenhorn
    Cool video. What device did you use to film it? Go pro?
  • Blue H2OBlue H2O Posts: 109 Deckhand
    What a great lil video, enjoyed it thx for sharing
  • copperzcopperz Posts: 103 Deckhand
    Cool video. What device did you use to film it? Go pro?
    Yes. To be specific gopro hero 7 black which is on sale on Amazon right now:
    What's nice about the black 7 is that it has new hypersmooth feature which makes the entire video very steady with no shaking. 
    I had it with a head strap  which was over my baseball cap on my head. This was my first time using it this way so I didn't realize I STOPPED  recording while I was catching and STARTED recordings when there was no action. So I got very little footage. Next time I am going to little more careful and listen to the beeps it makes to indicate stop and start. 

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