Drum Family Slam

5 Feb 2019...Wabasso/Vero...Snuglie kind of day, Snapper and Little Uglies.  Loads of clean water in the area.  Took a straight run to Hobart Landing.  Nothing around the island.  5 # Sailcat on the flat and nothing else.  Spoil island points, a couple of short Snapper.  Water a little on the high side, took a chance and squeaked under the Golf Cart Bridge at Grand Harbor.  Really slow today, again a couple of Snapper.  Barely made it back out.  Not much in the canal.  Big bridge, Snapper city.  They were crashing Glass Minnows.  Had 5 that would have been keepers. Head for the Estuary, nothing in the mud, idle zone, troll to the Vero side, pair of legal Snapper.  Between the Culverts picked up a Baby Fat Snook.  Vero stretch, a pair of Little Uglies came out of the Mangroves.  Johns Island Bridge, a couple of short Snook.  North Sister, a 14 inch Rat.  Pine Island mud bay, a couple of short Snook and hit a good sized Red in the head.  Quick stop at the Hobart Flat on the way home, a barely legal Trout.  Baby Vudu Shrimp worked overtime today.  All players released for another day.
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