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Little Torch Key Navigation Question

I'm planning on staying at Little Torch Key on a canal north of US1 (gulf side) for the upcoming lobster season. It will be my first time staying at that key. I've previously always stayed at Cudjoe Key and lobstered north around Marvin, Johnston, and Barracuda keys by way of Kemp channel.  My boat is a 22 aquasport with a porta bracket so i can get pretty shallow.  Does anyone know if i can get directly to Niles channel on the gulf side without having to go through or around the Content Keys?  Being able to cut directly over to Niles channel would make it much quicker to get out to the areas I'm used to lobstering.  By looking at the charts it looks like it gets pretty skinny around the north side of Big Torch Key where I would need to cut west over to Niles channel. Thanks in advance for the advice on this one.


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