Nice Compound Bow Deal

PARKER BUCKHUNTER This compound is very lightweight, easy to adjust, and has a smooth dual cam system . Sleek design. Compact 35.5" Axle to Axle. Fast pointing. Adjustable draw length without extra module. Draw length is 29" set at 70lb draw. Arrows hit targets and big game like a sledgehammer. Made of some of the finest components. Built American tough....Out of parts that are made to get through the toughest hunting environments. Made to stomp around the backcountry and drop any big game animal that crosses your path. 90 degree pre-loaded limb design will give you all the power you will need to tackle anything in the woods. Balance, design and accuracy that is found in bows costing 5X more. Bag your trophy and save big $$$$ doing so.
Accessories included:
Whisker Biscuit rest, proven to be most reliable and easy to tune
3 Pin fiber optic sight. Zeroed in and ready to go.
Quick detatch matching camo 4 arrow quiver
4 Hunting/Target 400 spine carbon fiber arrows with 100 grain field points
Peep sight tuned and installed
String whiskers, no string noise.
Tru fire rotating knuckle trigger release
3 Hardened Stainless steel 3 blade hunting broadheads
Tru Glo Centra Bow Sling

Everything for $160  Pick up in Holiday 34690


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