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Who's the Best Mercury Outboard Cowling Painter in the Central Florida Area?

RangermanRangerman Titusville FLPosts: 79 Deckhand

I want to get my Mercury 200 EFI cowling repainted and put a fresh set of decals on it.  About 15 years ago I had a 150 cowling I took to an auto paint shop that claimed they had a color match camera that would give me the EXACT same color.  It was more like a dark brown and I was VERY disappointed.  

 I think Merc calls their black "phantom black".  Its totally black.  I have seen repainted Merc cowlings that had a mirror smooth perfectly polished finish that I would like to have.  I don't know how they get, but that's what I want.  Do they wet sand, buff and polish?  Because it seems like just auto-body style painting you end up with this slightly bumpy surface they call "orange peel", a good description.

 Anyone know an outboard paint shop in central Florida that can fix me up?

 Thank you


  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,424 Officer
    How about a wrap.  There are several in Crystal River and Ocala.
  • FishingFamFishingFam GainesvillePosts: 4 Greenhorn
    I'd agree with Alex.  I'm actually getting a wrap done right now in Ocala at BB Graphics (in addition to a full wrap on my 24 bay boat).  Probably best customer service I've received at any business in as long as I can remember.  Cost is about $500 for the cowling.  They are doing custom colors for me and redoing the stickers as well.  
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