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Eric BEric B Posts: 129 Deckhand
Can you tell me if I was to trade up for a Simrad GO9 on my boat would the navionics charts be pre installed or would I need an additional chip? I would also like to purchase the marine tracks charts. Will those work on the Simrad?


  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 777 Officer
    The Go9 is one of the units that will be included with the Navionics+ bundle package this year. Just make sure you are buying a Go9/Navionics bundle and you should get the chip with it. 

    If you already have a chip (of any kind) and want to buy a new Navionics chip, they are offering a $75 rebate right now. Trade in your old chip, get $75 back on a new one ($50 if it's a Navionics Regions chip). That link is here: https://www.navionics.com/usa/lp/rebate?utm_source=mailchimp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tradein_2019-sponsors&utm_content=logo

  • Eric BEric B Posts: 129 Deckhand
    And will the Marine Tracks software work in the GO 9?
  • Skinny RunningSkinny Running Posts: 73 Greenhorn
    Are you aware that Navionics has nothing to do with Marine Tracks?  The question was obviously ignored on purpose.  Asking a Navionics rep about FMT is like going to Home Depot and asking the manager in there about what Lowes has.  
  • Eric BEric B Posts: 129 Deckhand
    Certainly did not mean to offend. Perhaps this would be a better question; On my phone with the Navionics app I can see google overlays which I like as I tend to pole into the back country and can get turned around and push pretty deep. I find this helpful in planning my exit without retracing my steps. I had a Go9 with Navionics on my offshore boat and loved it but now plan on putting one on my skiff. Is the google overlay available on all units with Navionics installed? I never messed with it on the offshore boat. Hope I stayed at Home Depot.......
  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 777 Officer
    The satellite overlay is available on all Navionics Platinum+ cards. And those Platinum+ cards work in most units, but to be sure, this is the link to the Compatibility chart so you can make sure your plotter will accept the Plat+ card. https://d2wb2wm9dm62ai.cloudfront.net/wysiwyg/docs/Compatibility_Guides/Americas_CompatibilityGuide.pdf

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