11/19-11/20 A GRAND SLAM WEEKEND..

Posted this in 10k reports. I know it should be in the south but i mainly post here and in the 10k being from naples.

So since i only get 1 weekend off a month, this past weekend my fiance and i decided to go fish the flamingo area for the weekend. Every hotel was sold out due to the homestead race so we decided to camp at flamingo. Great idea to me i love camping, my fiance...not so much lol this would be her first time camping. We planned to leave friday after work and fish sat and sun. Of coarse like every fishing trip starts we were running late, really late. We finally got on the road at 11pm and started our trek to flamingo. At 3:30am after driving an hour down the deserted road from the entrance of Everglades National Park about 10 miles from the camp grounds our whole weekend is almost ruined with a 10-12ft gator laying in the middle of the road. he moved as fast as he could and i slammed on my brakes to narrowly avoid hitting him i got the truck stopped right next to him and he was looking at me like what are you doing driving down this road at 3:30 in the morning and im looking at him like why are you laying in the middle of the road at 3:30 in morning. lol We get camp set up and i was just ready to fish. We got on the water at 8:45ish and ran into a lot of wind and 2ft seas in whitewater bay. We caught about 50 ladyfish and 2 nice 15lbs blacktips. I moved up into hells bay were we spotted a 10ft-ish python swimming around. the bay was a little shallow due to the strong east winds so we finished up the day with not too much luck. i had 2 nice hits on fly but never saw either. Sunday the winds calmed down and i was set on finding tarpon since ive never caught one. Within 10 minutes of being on the water i jumped my first tarpon and i was on fly! Then of coarse my fiance lands her first ever tarpon before i do so ill never let that down. Then finally i landed my first tarpon and it was on fly! I landed a few more on fly and switched to spinning gear after about 6 tarpon each and jumping about 20 ranging from 2-15 lbs we decided to target some other species. We started working a mangrove bank with some gulps and pulled out 3 nice slot reds then 2 trout. Now im set on we need to find a snook to complete this day. So i know how that goes, my fiance gets a strong hit from deep in the groves and i see a head shake on the surface, i was excited and convinced it was a snook, but nope to a pleasant surprise it was a gag grouper. Just a little guy after he released himself from my hands as i was trying to hand him to my fiance for a quick picture i was back to setting my sights on a snook. I switched to a weighted weedless doa cal to stay away from the logs he lurk 10 ft off the banks and there it was the smallest baby snook i could find. But a snook is a snook and that completed the GRAND SLAM!!!











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