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Great ways to prepare Blackfin Tuna

NorthernNorthern Posts: 903 Officer
In addition to serving seared Tuna, here a our 2 favorite ways to prepare it:

The 1st preparation is toward the end of Steve's (KayakerInKeyWest) video.

These recipes for Poke can be adjusted any way that you want.  Cukes, peppers, green onion, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, are kinda necessary.  In my opinion, it is a "must use", but don't overdo the Toasted sesame oil. I like to add fresh ginger,mango,and avocado as well. Serve on tortilla chips.  My favorite way to have raw tuna.

We used Blackfin and it is Teri's favorite way to eat fresh tuna...she especially likes it in salads or sandwiches.  It comes out in large chucks (like you can no longer buy canned). If you pack the 1' to 1.25" thick tuna steaks in the oil fairly tight, you only need about 1/4" of olive oil to begin with..  I used 3 sprigs of fresh Thyme. Rather than baste, I flipped mine when they were 1/3 done on the 1st side.  Don't wait too long to flip them or the steaks will flake apart when turning.  Don't forget to leave it in the oil, in the frig overnite.

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