Shorties @ The Pass

Launched @ 7am, water temp 65.7 and pretty clear. Started at a small mangrove island with a blue Yo Zuri. Caught maybe 10 trout, every one was 14". And a few ladyfish of which one went into the cooler for chunking. After that many shorts, off to the north side of Cape Romano. Water was very nice, not the usual color/stain. Yo zuri again and a couple ladyfish and a small jack. Into the Morgan River and ladyfish, small mango's with a 16" redfish. Back to my "trout hole" for some piscatorial friends to come home with me. Anchored and threw white bucktails, black/white bucktails, the Zuri, shrimp/cork and free-lined shrimp. ALL produced! ALL 14" trout!

2 weeks ago, same spot. 40 trout, 16". Two weeks later, they shrunk 2 inches......while a scratch my head. Did get a couple a 12" sheepshead as well.

Back to the outside with the ladyfish chunked on a 30lb leader/30lb power pro line, 6/0 circle hook and 1/2 oz. egg sinker. Rod in the rod holder and I'm just enjoying the wonderful weather. I see my line move, the rod tip load and it's off to the "drag" race. I scramble over, get the rod in hand and set the hook on a small portion of the Gulf. Nothing! I reel I the rig. Hook/sinker still there and the leader was completely intact. Gotta guess the "large" snook/redfish/shark/ray got the chunk, but no steel. Oh well.

Back to the little island on the incoming tide. Same ole' story, more 14" trout.

At noon, back to the ramp. Many, many fish but only 2 keeper trout @ 15-1/4 and 1 @ 16. (no catfish!)

All in all, Jan 13th in shorts/sandals and fishing in the wonderful 10K Islands. Big front forecast for Sunday so might give it chance on the incoming Sat morning. Be safe out there. And if you are lucky enough to get out, be thankful! See you on the water.

Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


  • Golfn1Golfn1 Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    Nice report !  How big of a chunk do you use ?  I use 1” thick across the mid section of the fish. That may be too small.
  • Caxambas KidCaxambas Kid Posts: 175 Deckhand
    Golfn1...........It was a about 1" across but the girth of the chunk (larger ladyfish) probably was too large. My guess is the bit the bait and missed the hook.
    Polar 1900 Yamaha 115
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