Morning all.  Headed out to a dove shoot this morning.  Y'all be good.
Proverbs 13:3


  • BayBobBayBob Posts: 833 Officer
    good morning
  • swampwalkerswampwalker Posts: 1,862 Captain
    Good morning - knock one dove down for me! 
    The original - "Renaissance Redneck"
  • ferris1248ferris1248 Posts: 3,395 Moderator
    Good morning. Meeting the CPA at the office to go over year end.

    ." why would someone want to be a moderator in the first place?"

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    "That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole of the law. The rest is commentary."

    Rabbi Hillel (c20 BCE)

  • Nick NikonNick Nikon Posts: 2,124 Captain
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    Good morning ... if you have show-shoes.

    It started at 2:00 yesterday, and ended shortly after dawn.

    We have 8-10 inches now, and another 2-4 inches coming.

    Local news showed a DOT salt-truck overturned in a ditch.

    That officially makes it a blizzard, at least in my book.

    Not very cold though, and our cars both have full-time FWD.

    Getting out to the store for the weekend WSJ was fairly easy.

    Don't plan to go anywhere else.

  • skyway andeskyway ande Posts: 3,554 Captain
    Good morning!

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend Nick!
    Knock em down Brad!
    God, save the South!
  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 10,152 AG
    Morning. Im still alive lol just working a different job.  
    People use statistics the way a drunk uses a street light, for support rather than illumination.
  • skyway andeskyway ande Posts: 3,554 Captain
    Glad to hear from you.
    God, save the South!
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