Blackburn Point Evening/Morning Wading

For my last night/day in town, I went back to the killer snook spot at Blackburn point I posted about earlier. Weather was considerably colder and that seemed to slow the bite down some, but I still got about 10 snook on live shrimp (which were floating around in abundance once again). Average size was slightly larger than the last night I was there, with the biggest around 27-28".

Any baits cast past the light and into the main channel got nailed in short order by fat ladyfish, which were a blast to catch after the snook stopped hitting on the surface. Fished a couple hours, then shivered my way back to the car and headed home. Good fishing, but a chilly time to be wading without waders.

Clearly I didn't learn my lesson though, since I got out to the same spot at 6:30 the next morning with another layer on top. Caught a keeper sheepshead on the first cast on the pilings, then another after losing a few more baits to them. Current picked up and I added another split shot to get my baits down, then landed 3 more that were barely legal and that I decided to release. Caught one more fat one, biggest of the day, then decided to call it and head home before 9 am.

Been an awesome month of fishing since I've been home, and I'm looking forward to my spring break for more in March.
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  • tilemantileman Posts: 1,116 Officer
    Nice 🐑 's  yummy 
    Here's ta swimn' with bowllegged women!
  • dodger31dodger31 Ft MyersPosts: 198 Deckhand
    Quick question about sheepshead.  Do they freeze well?  I have always eaten them fresh so far.  Just wondering. Thx
  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Posts: 597 Officer
    Don't think I've ever frozen them either, but they are much firmer than something like lane or mangrove snapper. I've frozen both of those and they tasted fine, so I can't imagine it would turn out too badly .
    Paddle faster, I hear banjo music.
  • JustKeepSwimmingJustKeepSwimming Posts: 256 Deckhand
    Good work!
  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Posts: 597 Officer
    Thanks all. I'm sticking the sheepie fillets in a small cooler for my drive back to Virginia, lol. Will be nice to have some fresh fish at the start of the semester.
    Paddle faster, I hear banjo music.
  • sixstring09sixstring09 Posts: 58 Greenhorn
    dodger31 said:
    Quick question about sheepshead.  Do they freeze well?  I have always eaten them fresh so far.  Just wondering. Thx

    I vacuum seal sheepshead for the freezer and they are great.
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