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1/7/19....Been hearing and seeing all the reports for cobia.  Planned last minute to go out and get a couple cobia. Headed out the inlet around 645am.  Headed to some closer luck.   Went just a little bit deeper....2nd drop my buddy gets hit!   34 inch at the fork.   My 2nd drop BAM! gets hit....head shakes and peeling drag thing I know it goes slack.....thought I lost it...but this thing swam to the boat with the jig in its mouth and my buddy just scoops it up.   Much bigger than the 1st one so didn’t even measure.   We hook up to a couple Bonitas and kingfish.   We are about to leave and I grab my rod that was thrown out with a live grunt at the bottom, start reeling it up and halfway up it gets hit.....another cobia brought to the boat.  Bite dies a little and move north to another spot.   As we get there another boat is within the vicinity of where I wanted to be so I stay away about 75 yards and I see him hook up 2 cobias.    After the two cobias they leave....we moved a little closer but no luck.  Headed in early.   Good day.   Get out there if you have a chance.  The cobia are out there


    Nice..some good eating for sure..
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    Nice, hope they hang around for awhile.
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    You were flagged 😂. Love some cobes
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    Great job,  Love them brown fish.
    Is that a kingfish with all those spots? Maybe a big Spanish?
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    Now that you say it probably a big Spanish 
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    Kingfish. Look at the drop in the lateral line. Nice cobes
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    That's a small King, which still has its spots. 
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