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Snapper/DTrout Time

8 Jan 2019...Wabasso/Vero...Snapper Doodle Doo time.  Boated 10 legal Snapper, none over 12 inches, all just over 11 inches.  Way too many shorts to even begin counting.  Had one ruin a shot at a pair of big Trout, hit the lure before it could settle.  Snook are showing up.  Had several shorts, but only had one big one pretend that she wanted to play.  Followed the Bay Vudu down twice.  Two Reds on the day, biggest barely broke the 18 inch mark.  Came out of the mud in the Estuary.  Not a whole lot of Trout action.  Had 3, all over slot.  First one was at Johns Island, 21 inches, next 2 came off of the Hobart Landing Flat, both 23 inches.  Got a 16 inch Atlantic Croaker in the area past the Golf Cart Bridge.  Filled the card for the FWC Family Slam.  4 to 5 pound Sail Cats were out and about today.  Boated 6, lot of fun, but dangerous in the boat.  Scare of the day came when I spotted a pair of dark shadows cruising the Mangroves.  At first thought that they were Sharks.  Not today, turned out to be a pair of not fun size Tarpon.  Got a hit and a miss.  Rapala Skitter Walk and Baby Vudu Shrimp worked overtime today.  All players released for another day.  


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