1/6 Inch shy day

Got to Mayport at 0530 and with the boat in the water, we had a small problem. My garmin 94sv would turn on then turn right back off. Figured it was a loose wire or something easy, but wasted an hour and couldn't get it to work. Great, alllll my numbers are in the garmin. I have a lowrance that I use just for my cmor card and a small garmin stryker 4 as a backup depth finder. Decided we would just go and hit a public number from my hot spots chart and try and get a cobia. Headed to tournament reef and dropped some chicken rigs down for bait. Nonstop seabass, all 12 inches. So I figure if I real up a bit after it hits bottom, I'll get bigger ones. Next fish I hook is bigger, pulling a little drag, to heavy to be a seabass. Up comes mr cobia, on a chicken rig with squid. Only problem is that hes 32 inches.....so its 0930 already and we got nothing in the cooler and decide to go deep. Head to the pipes and its covered in barracuda. You could look down and count 20 of em just under the boat. Chicken rigs only produced grunts, but I doubt we wouldve gotten beeliners past the school of cuda. So we decide that our best bet is to push out 8 more miles to where my cmor card starts and find some new spots. On the way out i see a fin waving at me and swing over to check it out. Giant mola mola! Pretty cool, but then I see a floating burlap bag 50 ft away. There were 3 small tripletail underneath that wouldn't eat anything. Then a school of peanuts come up and we catch the smallest one. The rest wont eat and they're borderline keepers anyway so we take off. First spot is a nice ledge and we immediately are pulling in giant beeliners, some of them are 19, 20 inch. We have a 2 man limit of beeliners and porgys in 30 minutes, and slowly picking up a few trigger. My buddy pulls up a nice mangrove on a chicken rig. Never thought I'd see a fish as smart as a mangrove caught on a chicken rig. I get a huge almaco, and thought my gopro was recording so I didnt even take a pic before releasing. It's late so we decide to check one more cmor spot that looks like a pile of rocks. Trigger are on fire here but theres only 30 minutes of sun left and weve got 58 miles to get back, so we head in on flat seas with limits of beeliners, porgys, 9 trigger and one mango. 


  • chronicbreakchronicbreak Posts: 776 Officer
    Good mango. You’ll have to check that spot again on an overnight trip
    National Marine Fisheries Service
  • BottomBumpinBottomBumpin Jax BeachPosts: 1,202 Officer
    nice job on the backup machine and finding a decent bite!  congrats!
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