Like New Ruger Sr22 with silver slide for sale

For sale is a basically brand new Ruger SR22 with silver slide. I bought this for the wife, and she shot two clip, 20 rounds thru it the day we bought it, and it has sat in the safe since then. This is pristine, as new, not a scratch or blemish on it. Comes with everything it came with in the original box. Extra clip, extra grip, the fired shell from the factory in original envelope, and the Lawyer padlock! Pictures will attest to the condition. $285 FTF within 20 miles of Venice, FL, or $295 shipped to your FFL from me, a non FFL, with a copy of my drivers license and CCP. Thanks for looking.


  • 250sav250sav Posts: 117 Deckhand
    $265 FTF near Venice/Sarasota, $275 shipped to your FFL.  As good as new for $100 less.
  • 250sav250sav Posts: 117 Deckhand
    $250 FTF in Venice/Sarasota/$260 shipped than back in the safe. A steal at this price.
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