St Johns south of Monroe to Harney

Anybody fishing there. Last time I went in the summer all the vegetation was tore up and gone from the hurricane and I read there was a big fish kill...has it recovered at all?


  • RealSeabeeRealSeabee Posts: 583 Officer
    All the regular "spots" still have fish.  Vegetation gone mostly due to STATE killing all that stuff so that boat-riders can access all water with out obstruction...BS.  Currently catching Shad, Specs, Cats and up to 3 lb Sunshines.  LMB are not like they were but they are there as well.
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  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,634 Moderator
    Wonder how the shad run will be this year ?
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  • GRIZZLGRIZZL Posts: 773 Officer
    I could see them clearing the main river but all the way back in the slough's...that is just obscene. Hopefully Desantis will stop this crap
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