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What alternatives do exists for properly squeezing lemons?

neoplymikeneoplymike CaliforniaPosts: 1 Greenhorn
Hi all,

Sorry for taking up your time.This happened to me often when I go to some restaurants or be on a visit to somebody place. It just happen that I want to add some lemon to my soup or use it as an addition to my meals but they do not have access to a lemon crusher. Is that the name of the tool?.

I've seen people used forks, spoons and just their thumb for squeezing the juice of the lemon. But is there a method which has proven to work the best to take out all of the juice without trying to make much force with the hands or something?. Is there a tool that can be carried on maybe portable for this purposes?

This is the lemon squeezer my family is using. 

Can anyone help? 

Any ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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