Kayak/Hybrid recommendations for big guy

Dunn_reelinDunn_reelin Central, FLPosts: 2 Greenhorn
Hello all, newb here.
I’m looking into my first kayak, and at 6’4” 350lb(hopefully 325 by summer) it’s been a little difficult finding weight ratings for me. Reall trying to avoid Hobie Pro Angler prices, but also want a safe, stable platform. 

Looking at Nucanoe frontier 12 as it is 41” wide with 650lb capacity. 
Any one bigger have expirience with this model?

any other brands I should look at?


  • Android77Android77 Posts: 483 Deckhand
    Just get a PA and you won't regret it. The Extreme Kayak Fishing sailfish tournament is this weekend and if you go see the launch about 80% of the kayaks will be Hobies, there must be a reason it's that way and it's not marketing. They are the best all around for fishing.
  • PackerYakerPackerYaker Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Check out the W700 and S4 Wavewalk kayaks at www.wavewalk.com.  
  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,780 Captain
    PA is not a good rough weather kayak.   If you do go to the Extreme Kayak Sailfish Tournament, you will note that not too many pro anglers make it out through a rough surf.  They are a comfortable kayak, and since you are big, I would look into finding a used one, rather than a new one of a less comfortable kayak.
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    Just make sure it is enough boat. I weigh 220 and got a kayak rated for 250 and with gear and me it wasn't a big enough boat. I ended up with an old town rated for 375 and that was about right
  • Dunn_reelinDunn_reelin Central, FLPosts: 2 Greenhorn
    After a little more research, it looks like there are hobie PA that come up used fairly frequently for quite a bit below retail. I was unaware that there was a used market for them, but FB strikes again. Thanks for the input, all. 
  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,780 Captain
    Facebook, Craigslist and Offer up -- monitor them all and sooner or later a good deal will pop up -- Good Luck.
  • jordinejordine flPosts: 52 Greenhorn
    Check out Wilderness systems Ride 135. It is very stable and has tons of space.
  • ljkljk Posts: 81 Greenhorn
    Its not a kayak, but I really like the gee-nus (sp?).  Maybe 120 to 160 lbs, plus motor?  Saw a guide and a client fishing from one the other day in some skinny water in Pine Island Sound.

    I have a Hobie PA 12, and love it.
  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,162 Officer
    If you are just looking to give it a try consider a tandem and use it as a single by hooking on a high quality seat dead center. Tandems are designed for that use. You will never be sorry if you buy a pro angler 14. I sold Hobies for 25 years.
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    I don't own one of these but they look pretty awesome

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  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,780 Captain
    I don't own one of these but they look pretty awesome

    Weird video, more time showing people and actions than the actual product.
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