Mid July trip location advice

Thinking of moving my Summer fishing trip from Sanibel to the east coast due to the issues this summer.  Need advice on a general area for base camp. Looking to sight fish snook if possible. Wouldnt mind a chance at some big jack or tarpon either. 


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    Keys is best bet.  otherwise it depends on $ or what else you want to do.  

    I've never sight fished snook like a bone fish on flats and south florida has more sea walls than mangroves, but you can cast to snook most nights under dock lights up and down the coast.   bigger fish around the inlets or ICW channels but deeper, not sight casting. 

    Tarpon may be harder to find, especially the monsters like the west coast of FL.   you can hand feed them many places but not as easy to find nor catch on east coast of FL.   I see them around, but not like snook and jack. 

    For mangrove island fishing I'd target Jupiter and north, maybe to Cocoa beach, and add Sea Trout to your list.  

    South of jupiter you will be fishing inlets, spillways and dock lights with the lights being your best bet for snook unless you watch tides and currents etc at inlets.

    All 3 target species can be caught in surf from beach as well but I'm not a surf fisherman so not sure what's running and where mid summer. 

    South Florida Biscayne Bay may be an option as well, I don't know that area well enough to guide you and will be more $ than martin county and north.  

    If you don't have a boat, wading west side of indian river lagoon may be best option or there used to be a causeway into Sebastian inlet where you could fish the tide changes.  
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  • Fireman BillFireman Bill Posts: 578 Officer
    The Stuart area has a wide variety of fish available in mid July.  You can not go wrong with a July Keys trip.  Avoid the lobster mini season if that is not your thing. Are you bringing a boat?

    Fireman Bill
  • Hobbs28midsouthHobbs28midsouth Posts: 106 Deckhand
    No boat land based only. Prefer light tackle fishing thats why the beach fishing is my style. Keys scare me way to many areas to fish and I have problems sticking to a plan sometimes. I wandered around Sanibel for two 7 day trips without a plan and wasted a lot of time going somewhere better lol. I am leaning on staying between Sabastian and Fort priece and fishing that whole stretch. That would also put Stewart in play 
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    Sebastian and Fort Pierce inlets both have great snook and jack populations with tarpon popping up occasionally. Sebastian is easily fished from the jetties/catwalks but Fort Pierce is better by boat (some pretty cheap skiff rentals available). Watch the reports as it comes closer and get out to give it a shot. 
  • Hobbs28midsouthHobbs28midsouth Posts: 106 Deckhand
    Yes I will book the flights and just assume there will be something going on from Sebastian to Jupiter if not drive to the keys
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    July can be fun. You can fish whiting and croakers by your feet any time of day around high tide. There are also tarpon around. I think sometimes they are in tight feeding on the turtle hatchlings at first light. You can sight fish snook later in the day as they are backlit from the sun setting. I have always fished Jensen and Hobe Sound, so those are the areas I know. There are guys who also hunt for permit that time of year as well. 
  • Hobbs28midsouthHobbs28midsouth Posts: 106 Deckhand
    Permit from shore?
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    Yep. I have not seen them but met a guy who targets them from the beach there.

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    If you bring a kayak it opens up a ton of fishing options in the Stuart to Sebastian area
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    yeah no kayak flying down from Indiana. I am ok with putting in the work. I dont plan on sleeping much for 6 days. Just need a general plan and will adapt from there
  • Fireman BillFireman Bill Posts: 578 Officer
    walk the beaches, fish the inlet jetties, wade fish the Indian River there are a lot of options.
  • Hobbs28midsouthHobbs28midsouth Posts: 106 Deckhand
     I think I am moving the trip due to timing issues to Sept 27th thru the Oct 1st,  big tides and a new moon.  Home base somewhere around FPI and fish the mullet run from shore. Anything you would change like the timing. I know storms and other things very greatly and can mess everything up so just in a general sense. I will be flying in on the west coast so I can always stay there if the east coast is jacked.

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