January 2 Slay Day

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Went out on our friends boat the Salty Nole, and had a crew of 5 people (Chase, Allen, my dad, my brother Nick, and myself). Headed out around 6:30 out of Palm Cove. Started fishing at casablanca and nothing was hitting on the bottom so we switched up to some jigs and caught a few bonitas for bait. One of the bonitas got chomped by a cuda and out of no where 8 sandbars were in a frenzy. One of the coolest things i've ever seen. A cobia swam up to the boat and before we could get a pitch rod he was gone. A few drops later i hooked something different then we saw the cobia leap out of the water with the jig in his mouth. He was a smaller one but he made the grade at 35" to the fork. After that we headed for deeper water in search of some meat. Hit 125 feet and it was on. It was drop after drop of pulling up fat bliners, triggers, and the "endangered" red snapper. Finished the day with 18 triggers, 19 bees, and a cobe. Also be careful when handling triggers my dad got bit up pretty bad by one. All in all it was a great day and the ocean was like a lake. We were able to run 40 all the way out and on the way in.


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