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Garmin G2 cards

dubberzdubberz Posts: 2 Greenhorn
Just got a new Garmin Ecomap Plus. The G2 card I want is 350$. I found the same card on eBay used for44$. Will it work on a different unit?


  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 861 Officer
    Hey dubberz...congratulations on the new unit. In general, I would be weary of buying used cards online. Especially at such a value. Sometimes it's tough to tell how old the used card is, what the updating capabilities are with it, etc. And, just to give you a heads up, Garmin is going to be coming out with a brand new G3 card in the next couple months which will feature the best of Garmin and the best of Navionics all on the same card. 
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