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Grant/SI 12/30...North IRL 1/1

Fished the IRL near Sebastian on Sunday. My skiff was still broke down so I took the Bluewater which limited where I could fish. Caught some sheeps head, jacks, mangroves, and a bunch of other junk. Lost one jumbo sheeps head at the boat trying to bogo grip him.

Hunted Shilo 3 on 12/23 and the lagoon seemed clean from the rim **** which gave me the itch to try north IRL again. My last trip up north was 2/17 and the algae was in full bloom during that time. Repaired the skiff motor Monday and decided to drive up north to fish Titusville on Tuesday. Launched at Parish park and headed south. The river was completely glassed over. Worked the flat all morning. Kicked up one small school of black drum but they wouldn't tail and I couldn't see them in the water with the foggy conditions. No luck... As expected, what use to be dense shoal grass flats now looks like a charley brown flat. The deep water manatee grass is all gone. To my surprise, Paddle or Johnson's seagrass appears to be COMPLETELY taking over the deeper 2-4ft depths. Must be hundreds of acres of the stuff. It doesn't appear to hold much life. See pic. Later in the day I decided to drive north of the RR bridge. The water looked like pea soup.

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