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Blue Fish - yes, it IS edible!

grey2112grey2112 Posts: 257 Deckhand

Never eaten blue fish before.  I made sashimi out of it last night and it was quite good.  As always, the key is killing it immediately, bleeding it out, and then scaling, removing guts without cutting into them, and making sure to never get fresh water on the flesh.

Very mild, no fishy smell or taste, and great texture/mouth-feel.


  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,344 Moderator
    I made a pretty good fish chowder using bluefish fillets on more than one occasion, so I would tend to agree with you.
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  • tankardtankard Posts: 7,031 Admiral
    I always liked bluefish. Spanish too.
  • grey2112grey2112 Posts: 257 Deckhand
    I'm starting to wonder about "trash fish" - I think almost any fish, properly treated after landing (kill, bleed, ice in a slurry, no fresh water on the fillets, and consume quickly) can taste good.

  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,193 AG
    I make dips out of it. Smoked for about 3 1/2 hours. We put it up against smoked mullet at a party and it actually won hands down.


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  • TerribleTedTerribleTed Posts: 286 Deckhand
    I have not eaten blue in a while last time i ate it was fresh, filleted and fried in bacon grease and served with eggs toast and baked beans while camping. We ate them ussally when we cought them in some similar maner. Use to go camping once a mouth when younger with family & friends.
  • SHELLFISHSHELLFISH Posts: 106 Deckhand
    Bluefish can be quite tasty as long as the filets are taken are of as sonn as caught. ie: Bleed the fish and put on ice immediately. Bluefish does not freeze at all so use it all up quickly!  Also makes good faux crab cakes with Old Bay!
  • TrevfishinTrevfishin In my mind I'm in my kayak fishing, unfortunately physically I'm at work :(Posts: 710 Officer
    Bleed, keep on ice, filet, cut into bite size pieces, coat with a mixture of corn meal and old bay and pan fry.  
  • Black WaterBlack Water Posts: 249 Deckhand
    Flash said:
    I make dips out of it. Smoked for about 3 1/2 hours. We put it up against smoked mullet at a party and it actually won hands down.

     <3 this is good stuff!
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  • TerribleTedTerribleTed Posts: 286 Deckhand
    Fresh fried blue, backed beans, eggs, toasted B&M Brown bread from the can for breakfast. I always remember that, as a kid camping a jetty park 40 plus years ago. 
  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 10,253 AG
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    Very few fish taste "bad."
    Some are stronger than others, or oilier than others.
    Preparing it appropriately is the key.
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  • bicyclistbicyclist FlardaPosts: 1,654 Captain
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