New years day

cftsmokecftsmoke JacksonvillePosts: 192 Deckhand
My son and I got a late start today but left mayport @0900 and ran straight east out past Elton Bottom (S) to 120-130’ hoping for our first wahoo. Although we only had artificials (yozuris) we trolled for a couple hours hoping for the best. The fish win again.  Despite the earlier reports, the water was pretty clear and 72 degrees - maybe not the deep blue but definitely not green.  Found some decent temp breaks and a lot of scattered weeds but no ‘hoo’s. It’ll happen but not today. The southwest wind started to build it up a little so we ended up running into Blackmars to try some bottom bumping. 

Once there we found 4 other boats spread out in the area but still managed to pick up Bee-liners and big porgies to save the day.  The ride in from blackmars was very nice and the day with my son is the real reason why I go.  Good day, hoping this weekend stays decent. 

2005 Everglades 290 Pilot.  Twin 250 Verados.


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