Sunday Dec 30th @ the Pass

Launched @ 7am. Water temp 70.0f. Was a wee bit concerned with the shoaled area. (see my post in this section of the forum). Went around the Marco Rocks to the beach. Shut down the big engine, reached for my topwater rod and it was not there. Yup, after not fishing for 6-weeks, the routine was disturbed and I forgot the topwater rod and my chunking rod. So I started with 6 instead of the usual 8 sticks. Started with a 4-1/2 blue Yo-Zuri and got a ladyfish. Went to the 3/8oz black/white bucktail and managed a few jacks. Went in Blind Pass to the SE corner of Cape Romano. A few more jacks and 16" redfish on the Zuri. Into the Morgan River where I thought I'd kill them on the Zuri. 400 yards of mangroves and nary a bump. Back to my starting point, dropped the anchor and started with a white Spro. 16-inch trout first cast. And 2nd cast. A couple of short trout and changed to a 4"inch salt/pepper grub with a chartruese tail. 16-in trout first cast. And another 16- trout next cast. Basically a limit of trout in 10 minutes. Changed to a freelined shrimp. 3 more 16-inch trout. Put a popping cork 4-feet above the shrimp. 4 more trout. All 16-inches. Threw 3 other different lures, almost every cast for 40 minutes, 16" trout. Was quite the fun, but no 12" nor 20" inch specks.

Went to the outside for maybe a keeper redfish. Nope. Did manage a couple 6-pound jacks and enjoyed the fight.

Heading back to the ramp to an island that has treated me well. Same ole story, 4 more 16-inch trout. Time for the ramp @ 11AM. Headed past the new cut and was welcomed by approx. 40 crab trap buoys. I've been fishing there 16 years and never seen crab pots lined up on the inside like that.

Final tally:

4 keeper trout and caught maybe 15+ more.

1 short redfish, 1 ladyfish, 1 catfish and the obligatory jacks.

For not being out for 6 weeks, it was great fun being on the water and catching a lot of fish. Looking for to late spring/early summer when those 16-inchers are 18+!

Until next time, be safe out there. And.......Have a Happy New Year knowing you can fish where others vacation!

Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Naples, FLPosts: 1,118 Officer
    You certainly made up for lost time on the water. Great report.
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